Yuri Vanetik In The Press

Yuri Vanetik In The Press

Yuri Vanetik has become known as an expert in his industries throughout the years, earning him the opportunity to speak on numerous current events. Below you will find press that Yuri Vanetik has been featured in, as well as thought leadership pieces that he has completed on topics he is passionate about. 

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Yuri Vanetik: Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, and Philanthropist

Surprisingly Free, September 2019:
Yuri Vanetik recently had the opportunity to be interviewed about his career and professional background with Surprisingly Free. He spoke on his biggest accomplishments and failures, as well as the biggest lessons he has learned throughout the years. Read the full interview with Yuri Vanetik from Surprisingly Free here.

yuri vanetik wall street journal

Stopping the Technology Death Spiral of Privacy Rights

Dialogue & Discourse, September 10, 2019:
With technology quickly becoming more influential in today’s world, Yuri Vanetik talks about how the spiral of technology is leading to the ultimate death of privacy rights. He goes on to talk about how we can stop this spiral from taking place in his opinion piece. Read the full article from Dialogue & Discourse here.

Travel to the Caucasus: Why Visit & Where to Go (in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan & Chechnya)

Spend Life Traveling:
Known as the region located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea,  the Caucasus has seen a significant increase in the economy’s stability, increasing the area’s appeal to both tourists and businesses alike. Yuri Vanetik goes into detail on what the caucasus offers, and why it is becoming a smarter investment. Read the full article from Spend Life Traveling here.

Russiagate’s Collateral Victims: I was smeared because I’m a Soviet émigré with GOP connections.

The Wall Street Journal, April 11, 2019:
Yuri Vanetik has the opportunity to discuss the false information that has been published through smear campaigns in recent years. Because he is a Soviet émigré with GOP connections, Yuri Vanetik sets the information straight in this compelling piece. See the original article from the Wall Street Journal here.

Eye On The Future: Yuri Vanetik

California Business Journal, April 5, 2019:
Yuri Vanetik had the opportunity to chat with California Business Journal about his work as an entrepreneur. He also goes into further detail about how he became interested in entrepreneurship. He also had a chance to provide insight on some of today’s biggest topics.  Read the full article from the California Business Journal here.

From The Community: Yuri Vanetik Meets With The Patriarch Of Jerusalem

Chicago Tribune, March 28, 2019:
Yuri Vanetik recently had an opportunity to sit down with the Patriarch of Jerusalem to talk about a variety of topics, including reconciliation and world politics. At one point, the Patriarch was able to ask Vanetik a few questions about his professional background. Read the full article from the Chicago Tribune here. 

Investor And Lawyer Yuri Vanetik Says ‘Investment In Legal Tech Is A Very Hot Topic’

Forbes, January 18, 2019:
Yuri Vanetik had the opportunity to sit down with Forbes to discuss his input on why investing in legal technology is a great investment. Using his legal background and expertise, Yuri Vanetik provides meaningful insight during the compelling interview. Read the full interview from Forbes here.

A Lawyer’s Testimony of Power and Perseverance

Entrepreneur, January 10, 2019:
Entrepreneur caught up with American entrepreneur, lawyer and political strategist, Yuri Vanetik, to talk about the work that he has been doing recently. From politics to finance and law, Yuri Vanetik continues to excel in countless fields. Read the full article from Entrepreneur here.

Investing in the Caucasus: Overcoming Modern Myths

International Policy Digest, January 4, 2019:
Yuri Vanetik examines the many benefits of investing in the Caucasus, which is situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Because of its unique location and incredible resources, it is a great investment for the United States to consider in the future. Read the full article from International Policy Digest here.

The Importance of Improving America’s Investment Policies In Africa – An Interview With Yuri Vanetik

Forbes, December 17, 2018:
Using his expertise from his work as an international private equity investor and American Political Strategist, Yuri Vanetik talks about the significance of improving the United States’ investment policies in Africa. He discusses how it can actually improve our economy. Read the full article from Forbes here.

Coalition Building: Constructing The Nation’s Future

Thrive Global, November 27, 2018:
Yuri Vanetik talks about why the United States needs focus on coalition building in order to ensure success in the future. By working together with other countries around the world, our nation can continue to use innovation to move forward. Read the full article from Thrive Global here.

Yuri Vanetik: “To Succeed In Washington, You Need To Prove That You Are Serious. You Don’t Buy Access. You Earn It”., November 19, 2018:
Yuri Vanetik sat down with to discuss his experience working in American politics, and his thoughts on how Washington has handled key events. Yuri Vanetik also provides a detailed background of his career, and what his most notable accomplishments are. Read the full interview from here.

Social Media Giants Must Defeat Fake News

The Washington Times, August 28, 2018:
With more inaccurate news stories coming out each day, Yuri Vanetik stresses the importance of major social media companies to help defeat the spread of fake news. With social media being a significant contributor to online news, Yuri Vanetik believes that they should be actively involved in preventing false news. Read the full article from The Washington Times here.

Yuri Vanetik, JD, CEO of Dominion Partners, Confirmed as Founding Member

International Executive Council, November 16, 2018:
Yuri Vanetik was recently named as a Founding Member of the International Executive Council (IEC). IEC is a premier business networking organization that connect individuals with a shared passion for technological innovation, and wants to make an impact on the future. Read the full article from International Executive Council here.

‘America First’ Is Exactly What Africa Needs

Fox News, February 22, 2018:
With moves in Washington DC marking some resistance across the country, Yuri Vanetik points out how some of the policy moves can benefit the African nations. With economies that are growing quickly and numerous valuable resources, Africa is a great area to be involved in. Read the full article from Fox News here.

NYGOP Announces Appointment of Yuri Vanetik as National Finance Co-Chair

PR Newswire, March 3, 2017:
Yuri Vanetik was appointed as the National Finance Co-Chair for the New York Republican Party. With a strong background as an esteemed business leader, political strategist, and philanthropist, he was appointed to help lead the Committee’s national fundraising efforts for the 2017 New York City mayoral and 2018 gubernatorial elections. Read the full article from PR Newswire here.

Philanthropy Investing: The Returns Could Surprise You

The Orange County Register, December 30, 2016:
Yuri Vanetik talks about what exactly philanthropy investing is, and how it differs from the idea of philanthropy that we currently have. He covers the benefits of philanthropy investing, and why professionals should consider it in the future. Read the full article from The Orange County Register here. 

Yuri Vanetik In IdeaMensch

About Yuri Vanetik, Managing Director Of Dominion Partners

IdeaMensch, October 14, 2016:
Yuri Vanetik talks about his professional overview and background in the interview from IdeaMensch. He talks about how he got to where he is today professionally, and what advice he would give up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Read the full interview from IdeaMensch here.

Yuri Vanetik: Gas exports a natural for U.S.

Boston Herald, September 1, 2014:
Yuri Vanetik talks about how gas exports are a natural for the United States as countries work to secure and protect their future. He also discusses the different ways that the energy sector has transformed in recent years. Read the full article from the Boston Herald here.

t’s Time to Give Philanthropists the Protection They Deserve

HuffPost, July 19, 2013:
Yuri Vanetik uses his experience in philanthropy to talk about the importance of protecting reputable philanthropists and non-profit organizations that are engaging in selfless, honest, and valuable work. Read the full article from the HuffPost here.