Yuri Vanetik

Orange County, California

About Yuri Vanetik


Yuri Vanetik is a private investor, business strategist,
political coalition builder, and philanthropist.

Yuri Vanetik is a founder and partner of Vanetik International, LLC., a management consulting firm that specializes in strategic financial planning and advice, he is considered to be an expert in capital formation, and mergers and acquisitions. He is also a Principal at Dominion Partners LLC., a real estate investment fund based in Newport Beach, CA. Yuri has a diverse background of practice in securities law, corporate governance, business strategy, and financial planning and political activism.

As a philanthropist and supporter of the arts, Yuri is a member of the Board of Directors for Miracles For Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families who have children with serious illnesses. Yuri is also a Lincoln Fellow with the Claremont Institute, has served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross, and is a member of the Board of Trustees, Hastings Law School, University of California San Francisco.

Yuri current interests include various emerging markets around the world, U.S. politics and various real estate ventures in the country.

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