If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but also wanted to take part in company culture and not jump into the market on your own, entrepreneurship may be the answer for you.

An entrepreneur works within a company. They often take on a specific project or concept within the business. Their job is to develop innovative ideas. They are given more freedom and time to bring these ideas to life than a typical employee, similar to the way an entrepreneur would with their own company.

Let’s take a closer look at the realities of what an intrapreneur is and how they differ from an entrepreneur.


How To Spot An entrepreneur

When compared to a regular employee, what can you expect to see an entrepreneur doing? These are the star employees. They see obstacles on the job and find innovative ways to overcome them. They care about the company as if it were their own and are looking for ways to find it succeed. The way they examine and investigate problems in the business takes their role further than what they’ve been asked to do.

These people are good at working with others within the company and have leadership skills. They genuinely want everyone around them, and the business itself, to succeed. When they fail, they don’t give up. They bounce back with new ideas and are always looking to do more.

How They Differ From Entrepreneurs

A lot of the characteristics listed above are similar to the traits you’d see in an entrepreneur, but their jobs actually differ quite a bit.

An intrapreneur is there to take an existing company structure, work within it, and improve. This differs from an entrepreneur who builds something from scratch and is developing its own company.

An intrapreneur is using a company’s resources to accomplish everything they do within their job. An entrepreneur is using their own resources. This also shines line on the ways an intrapreneur depends on the company they work for, while an entrepreneur is on their own.

When an entrepreneur is building their business, they are tackling the market. Their job is to find ways to make their company succeed within the market. An intrapreneur is going to innovate within an existing company, and so their obstacle is often finding ways to work within the company. They have to be excellent at clearly communicating and negotiating with others within the company to lead others with their new ideas. This can be particularly challenging if others are resistant to the changes.

An intrapreneur has the innovative nature of an entrepreneur, with less of the risks of stepping out on their own and more social responsibility within the company’s culture.

Autor : Yuri Vanetik