Yuri Vanetik Philanthropy

Yuri Vanetik Philanthropy

Yuri Vanetik has always been passionate about giving back to his community.

Over the years, Yuri has worked a board member for numerous organizations and causes that he cares deeply about. While he actively supports a wide variety of causes, Yuri’s biggest passions are education, public health, and community stability.

He enjoys helping organizations of all kinds, from working as a member of the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross, to his work on the Board of Directors with the Gen-Next Foundation.

His passion for education is what led him to join the Board of Directors for the Gen-Next Foundation in 2008, where he remains currently. 

Learn more about some of the work that Yuri Vanetik has done in philanthropy over the years.

Public Health
Community Stability

Board Positions

Orange County Performing Arts Center
Board of Directors, 2015-Present
The Orange County Performing Arts Center is a performing arts complex in Costa Mesa, California. The performing arts center is dedicated to creating a more culturally connected and vital community through access to performing arts programs. Learn more about the Orange County Performing Arts Center.
Center For Global Change
Board Of Directors, 2010
Center for Global Change is a charity that provides assistance to abused, neglected, and underprivileged orphans around the world. This is achieved through supporting individuals, programs, and organizations that truly enrich the lives of the impoverished.
Gen Next Foundation
Board of Directors, 2008-Present
The Gen Next Foundation is an invitation-only organization for those who are dedicated to learning about and becoming engaged with the challenges that are facing our future generations. Learn more about Gen Next Foundation.
UC Irvine’s Center for Unconventional Security Affairs
Advisory Board, 2008
Located at the University of California, Irvine, the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs focuses on unconventional security research group studies to help develop solutions for unique security challenges. Learn more about UC Irvine’s Center for Unconventional Security Affairs.
UC Hastings College of the Law
Board of Trustees Member, 2016
Yuri Vanetik joined the board of trustees for the University of California, San Francisco’s law school, UC Hastings College of the Law. Yuri decided to join after thinking back to the incredible experience that he had during his time in law school.
American Red Cross
Former Member, Board Of Directors | Current Executive Committee Member
The American Red Cross offers compassionate services in five other areas: community services that help the needy; support and comfort for military members and their families; the collection, processing and distribution of lifesaving blood and blood products; educational programs that promote health and safety; and international relief and development programs. Learn more about the American Red Cross.
Miracles For Kids
Board of Directors, 2010-Present
The mission of Miracles For Kids is to improve the lives of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing the necessary resources to the parents and child. Learn more about Miracles For Kids here.
International Executive Council
Founding Member, 2018-Present
International Executive Council is a business leadership organization that is focused on innovation, growth and impacting the next generation of leaders. Learn more about International Executive Council here.
The Claremont Institute
Lincoln Fellow, 2009 – 2014
Yuri Vanetik was the Lincoln Fellow for The Claremont Institute, a national think tank for the study of politics and statesmanship. Learn more about The Claremont Institute here.
The Kauffman Foundation
The Kauffman Foundation helps individuals attain economic independence by advancing educational achievement and entrepreneurial success, consistent with the aspirations of their founder, Ewing Marion Kauffman. Learn more about the Kauffman Foundation.
Yuri Vanetik | Interview With Entrepreneur.com

Let’s work on highlighting venture philanthropy in the future. I think at the end of the day, you want to be proud of the money you have made, and of the value that you have built. Venture philanthropy involved innovation, creativity, and value. It is the stronger approach to being a good global citizen who champions social progress through profitable business ventures.”