What Are The Different Leadership Styles?

What Are The Different Leadership Styles? Yuri Vanetik

There is no single kind of leadership in the world. It is crucial to understand what kind of leadership style you have. That way you can make the most of your strengths and improve upon areas that can boost your performance. Here are various styles that you should know about:

The Micromanager
The micromanager is a leadership style in which you try to control the actions of employees and others beneath you on a very specific level. From the way they answer the phone, to the way they dress, you give your input. This isn’t necessarily bad, but make sure your team responds positively to this type of leadership.

The Laid Back Leader
Some leaders like to chill out and let things happen. They set a vision, form a plan, and just trust the right things to get done. They can be very friendly, but often need to work on their organizational skills.

The Connector
If you are a connector, you like to lead by first getting personal with others. You make quick friends on topics such as family, work, and hobbies. Your ability to connect makes your influence even more powerful when you lead.

The Motivator
Big personalities and high energy people are often the motivator type. They lead others with inspiration and excitement. They use emotion as a means to make everything else fall into line.

The Questioner
Some lead by asking questions instead of making demands or statements. For instance, they might ask their employees why they chose to perform a task in a certain way. In doing this, they help others to arrive at an answer on their own.

The Scientist
The scientist has a leadership approach that treats the world as a science experiment. They are always testing new ways and looking for the reaction. They often do deep thinking and need time alone.

The Rule Maker
The rule maker is more hands-off. They set clear rules for various aspects of the business. Then, they delegate the operations management to someone else.

When it comes to getting more out of life as a leader, knowing your style can help in more ways than one. So review the styles above. Then, understand what type you are so you can commit to making the most out of your core personality.

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