The ups and downs of the new businesses and their effect on the stock market are thrilling to people whether they have cash on the line or not. For those who do invest, it’s important to keep an eye on developing stories in the stock market. And the best of those stories are the ones that feature a big success. When people are making money and setting records, it’s easy for them to be happy. They’re typically chuffed to talk to reporters, too, so it makes these stories easy to cover.

There are plenty of recognizable companies that have a great outlook for 2020. There are some newer companies that are among the best stocks, too. 2020 is set to be a very interesting year for anyone who likes to watch the stock market. There are plenty of healthy economic sectors that will be making their presence known in a big way.

One example of an existing titan continuing to dominate is insurance giant AIG. After a brutal financial crisis of 2008, AIG has demonstrated an ethical and serious approach to business. In 2019, this company was something of a juggernaut. AIG’s 12-month sales topped $49 billion. This company saw a one-year total return of 9.98%. Analysts expect that the momentum AIG has right now will continue well into 2020.

FCA is another great story of a turnaround. At the time, Fiat Chrysler decided to merge with Renault, not everyone was excited. Many of the brand names in FCA’s portfolio seemed to struggle with reliability, however good-looking they were. Together, though, this company has really been able to turn a corner. FCA’s sales were over $126.20 billion for 2019. With the rugged Jeep and Ram models under its umbrella, if FCA keeps playing to its strengths, it’ll be playing for the long haul.

Finally, Beyond Meat is so new to the market that they don’t even have a full year to review. This company’s plant-based, meat-textured foodstuffs have struck a chord with animal lovers and health nuts alike. Beyond Meat helps those with heart trouble a way to more or less relieve the foods they love. In 2021, this company is expected to see a profit.


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