Interesting Positions In Politics

Interesting Positions In Politics

Graduates in Political Science are often interested in jobs in politics since they have acquired knowledge in the methods used in waging campaigns and influencing public opinion. For them, a political position is the application of their education in areas such as the effects of various political ideologies and approaches, as well as how power is acquired and political success achieved.

Jobs in the Political Arena
In a study conducted in 2015, 55% of political science majors worked for the federal government. Others worked on the state and local levels. Although in recent years graduates have steered away from government jobs, there are still individuals such as Anthony Cotton 32, who changed his mind about being skeptical of working for the government that has been criticized as being too bureaucratic. Cotton, a former Peace Corps volunteer, currently holds the position of managing a young team working with banks to secure loans for small businesses in developing countries.

Legislative Assistant
Busy Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators all need assistance. A Legislative Assistant is an aide who performs research on issues of policy. For instance, this aid tracks legislation and reports on the positions of other legislators on pending legislation. With the information they attain, these assistants then brief their legislator and other staff members who then assess these reactions.

Policy Analyst
Policy analysts closely examine the means of generating public policy and the conclusions that can be made. Using critical thinking, writing and research skills developed as political science majors, political analysts reach conclusions about the nature and influence of public policy proposals. Then, they develop logical arguments concerning the nature and impact of public policy proposals. They also recruit the support of those who can advance initiatives.

Social Media Manager
Social media exerts a powerful influence on voters. Because political science majors have learned how public and social media influence voters’ opinions, their input can produce successful political plans.

Political Consultant
A political consultant devises strategies for candidates. With their knowledge gleaned from college, political science majors can advise candidates on what they can do to positively influence voters. Political consultants can also influence coverage by the media by providing favorable perspectives on candidates’ past performances.

Political Campaign Staffer
With their political knowledge, campaign staffers evaluate the reactions of voters to a candidate’s platform. They compose speeches and organize events and fundraising efforts.

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