Leadership Tips For An Evolving Workforce

Leadership Tips For An Evolving Workforce

Leaders in nearly every industry can likely recall a time recently when their company experienced a change, due to our evolving economy and workforce. With advances in technology and shifts towards a more flexible work culture, many leaders have implemented changes to ensure that the company continues moving forward. This what why it is so important for a leader to understand how to evolve not only as a leader but as a team as well. It seems that zoom meetings and remote work is the new normal and so leaders are looking to software that can help them facilitate remote working. It’s tough to keep motivation and team morale high when you are unable to see employees on a daily basis.

Team Collaboration
A phrase that most professionals have heard by now is team collaboration. With so much focus on innovation in today’s technology-driven world, companies are shifting towards a culture that encourages team collaboration. In fact, many companies arrange team-building exercises like outward-bound trips and virtual escape rooms to help promote teamwork. As a leader who promotes a collaborative work environment, it is crucial to lead by example.

According to an article from Forbes, only 34% of an organization’s employees are truly engaged with what they are doing. Leaders who do not practice team collaboration may find that it is difficult to enforce, which can negatively influence morale over time. Active collaboration can ensure that you hear new, fresh ideas from professionals with a wide skill set.

Maintain Transparency
Like your evolution as a leader, your workforce is going to experience different changes as a result of our evolving society. As such, leaders will be forced to make difficult decisions as some points to ensure that the company can continue moving forward. By maintaining transparency throughout these times, you can help make difficult transitions a little smoother for your employees. Additionally, being transparent can help improve the overall feeling of trustworthiness from your employees.

Remain Flexible
With much more focus on flexible work in recent years, leaders may need to consider the benefits of offering a more flexible work schedule like implementing a Hybrid Workplace example! While it may not be possible to offer positions that are fully remote, providing more flexibility on their general schedule can prove to be incredibly beneficial for employees. You can still ensure your staff remains in contact with each other by using a video conferencing or webinar platform similar to ON24, for example, but while allowing them more independence over their work hours. Flexible schedules allow more professionals with strong backgrounds to maintain a full-time job.

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