President Trump’s Points from the 2019 State of the Union Address

President Trump's Points From The 2019 State Of The Union Address

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address delivered on February 5, 2019, was a call for unity between the two political parties so that more progress can be made for the safety and success of Americans. He urged his audience to recall the challenges that Americans have overcome in the past year, citing natural disasters and tragic situations. He touted successes in the growing economy, mentioning the lowest levels in U. S. history of unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.

Further, President Trump reminded his audiences of what Americans have done for each other, citing the heroics of police, soldiers and firefighters for their fellow-citizens during times of natural disasters and crises. He did this in the hope of inspiring legislators to come together in like fashion and end “the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution.” He cautioned that “ridiculous partisan investigations” into his administration and his private businesses could negatively affect the upward trend of the economy. Further, President Trump urged legislators to “…seek common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve.”

President Trump proudly referred to the creation of 2.4 million new jobs since he has taken office, 200,000 of which are in manufacturing alone. He touted tax cuts for businesses and also alluded to the reduction in taxes for working Americans and the doubling of the child tax credit. The President spoke of trade deals with other countries and the end of the “war on American Energy.” A further improvement that the President wants is a strengthening of the infrastructure of America. He called upon Congress to compose a bill generating at least $1.5 trillion for investment in new infrastructure.

The President mentioned that he has directed his Administration to work toward driving down high drug prices, stating that one of his priorities is the reduction in the cost of prescription drugs. He wants Americans who are terminally ill to be given the “right to try” any potential cures. President Trump is also convinced that the intellectual property of Americans should be protected.

Although he negated the socialist movement among some Democrats by praising capitalism and declaring that America will never become a socialist nation, throughout his address, President Trump returned to the theme of unity, preserving the Constitution, protecting religious liberty, serving veterans, and removing Federal employees who fail the Americans’ trust. “The era of economic surrender is over,” Trump also asserted as he alluded to the new trade arrangements and his dedication to a stronger America in the eyes of the world. He concluded by stating that as long as Americans are proud of who they are and they have confidence in traditional American values, faith in the citizenry and trust in God, America will not fail.

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