What Is Transformational Leadership, And Why Is It Important?

What Is Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is one of the most admired forms of leadership that is highly advocated in modern-day workplaces. The leadership concept focuses on motivating and enhancing the morale of other individuals in an organizational setting. A transformational leadership style comes in handy in creating a suitable working environment where the social systems set in place target developing additional leadership qualities in the workers. Transformational leaders are largely inspirational, something that creates the necessary level of influence and persuasion that can spur other individuals to perform exemplarily well and meet their potential.

Importance of Transformational Leadership
Transformational leadership is highly important in workplaces. In general, it creates a suitable environment for organizational and individual growth. The leadership concept comes in handy in various ways.

Increased Performance
Organizations that are run under transformational leadership normally experience increased growth in virtually all aspects of organizational importance. Transformational leaders create a suitable environment for enhancing workers’ dedication and motivation. Motivated workers can easily meet their target, thereby enhancing corporate growth through increased sales and market penetration.

Individual Growth and Development
Transformational leaders target creating growth not only at the corporate level but also at an individual worker level. This gives individual workers the sufficient room to achieve personal development in terms of values, principles, and ideologies that come in handy when transforming an individual to become a reliable leader. Transformational leadership creates workers who are capable of inheriting leadership within the workplace.

Fostering Organizational Change
Change in the workplace is highly necessary. However, it is only through transformational leadership that such change can be conceived, initiated, and fully implemented successfully. Businesses that are run under transformational leadership can easily develop and nurture changes that prove critical to the organization’s long-term survival. The transformational leadership and governance created encourage individual workers to come up with ideas which can be incorporated within the organization’s vision, mission, and objectives.

Reduction in Employee Turnover Rate
Organizational settings where transformational leadership is upheld normally experience reduced employee and customer turnover rates. Generally, this is because of the suitable operating environment that helps create a conducive working environment for the workers. In turn, the environment helps workers to be greatly satisfied as their social and economic needs are fully met. Satisfied workers, on the other hand, dedicate themselves fully to the performance of their corporate duties including customer service.

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