Nowadays, entrepreneurs are too focused on integrating the latest technologies, establishing the strongest social media presence, or sending out the most creatively crafted email newsletters. People forget that, at the end of the day, successful businesses are all about establishing mutually beneficial relationships with your business partners and customers. Here are four tips on how to do just that: 

Establish a Systematic Approach

Building a relationship is process that takes time and deliberate effort. Having a systematic approach helps you divide your limited time among st your business relations during times of the year when you’re too busy even to pick up the phone or answer an email. This way, all your customers and business partners will feel equally valued. Put yourself in the position of a customer. How would you want to be treated by a business? 

Don’t Be Afraid to Give

The best entrepreneurs are givers. They create solutions that help people and are not afraid to give something of value to people without expecting payback. Show your generosity by offering free trial periods on your services or by connecting a smaller, newer business with your supplier or distributor connections. Of course, there should be limits to this generosity. Effective, long-term business relationships should be mutually beneficial and require some degree of reciprocity. 

Focus on the Right Partnerships

There are too many customers and businesses to befriend and partner with. You’ll want to focus on establishing relationships with people who share the same belief system, values, and interests as you do. Collaborate with these people on solving key social issues, and you’ll convert them into advocates invested in your cause and brand. 

Don’t Use Bots to Handle Customer Service

The era of technology has ushered in a new set of business tools and applications that promise lower costs and increased efficiency, one of which is customer service bots or chatbots. The problem with having just bots running your website and mobile app is that it’s frustrating for customers to get help when it comes to specific issues. 

Keep in mind that building durable relationships is a process that only ends once your business ends. Use the four tips aforementioned in this article to simplify the process for you.

Author: Yuri Vanetik