Three Ways To Give Back As A Company For The Holidays

Three Ways To Give Back As A Company For The Holidays

Organizing a corporate social responsibility event targeting giving back to society this holiday season is a great way to make an impact in the community. It allows your company to join the league of other charitable organizations in the market today. It is also an excellent idea to end the year on a high note by benefiting both the internal workforce as well as the targeted community. Here are three ideas on how your company can give back to you the society this holiday season.

Organize A Volunteer Day
Different volunteer activities targeted to a specific community or area can go a long way in making a huge impact on society. When organizing a corporate social responsibility activity, it is crucial to bring on board members of your workforce, whose participation increases the chances of positively impacting the targeted community lives.

Some of the activities that you may think of investing in on your volunteer day include cleaning the environment, washing clothes for the elderly, cooking and feeding children in children homes. The volunteer day also happens to be a great opportunity for your workers to bond.

Non-Profit Philanthropy
After a long and possibly successful year, you may choose the holiday season as an opportunity to give back to society through non-profit philanthropy. Setting aside some money and channeling it to a given charity cause makes a huge impact in facilitating the comfortable living of the targeted individuals.

As a company, you may choose to work with an existing charity organization by donating funds to them in order to undertake a given charity project. You may also choose to start a company philanthropy program where the funds you donate go directly towards a given charitable purpose.

Donate Professional Services
In case your company has well-equipped and experienced employees, who can volunteer their professional skills, then you may use the holiday season as an opportunity to channel these skills to philanthropy. An organization that deals with healthcare-related services, for instance, can donate its workers’ skills to running a free health clinic. The professional advice and health checkups offered to the locals, in such a case, will be greatly appreciated, especially due to the convenience of local availability and free of usage.

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Yuri Vanetik is an Entrepreneur, Business Expert and Philanthropist in Orange County, California. He brings 25 years of professional experience in a wide variety of industries, including law, finance, real estate development, and politics. Throughout the years,Yuri Vanetik has provided ongoing support to a variety of organizations that support the three causes that are most important to him: education, public health, and community stability.Yuri Vanetik has held board positions for several non-profit organizations, including the Gen Next Foundation, Miracles For Kids, and American Red Cross.

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