Managing Your Small Business During The Holidays

Small business during the holidays

Can you believe that it has been proven that most small companies do up to a fifth of their annual business between Thanksgiving and Christmas? That is why it is crucial for mom-and-pop stores to come up with an aggressive marketing and sales strategy during this time of year to take advantage of the holiday shopping season. This festive period is normally extremely busy for small businesses, so it’s important that they prepare for this season.

One way of doing this is by getting a lot of products ready and stored in a warehouse or storage unit Pueblo CO, for example. This will allow small businesses to quickly prepare orders and send them off. Having somewhere to store products is always a bonus for small businesses, especially around busy times. Now, it’s time to get those sales. How is this done in 2019? Here are some very important pointers:

Get your Website Ready and Optimized

Did you know that customers spend, in essence, approximately $117 billion shopping online each holiday season? It’s true, and so you will definitely want to prepare your business with a consumer-friendly, attractive website that provides all the relevant information that a potential lead will need. Conversely, you can have your potential customers sign up for a newsletter or email updates, and you can use their email addresses to send them promotions and sales ads. You may want to outsource your IT services to ensure that there is somebody knowledgeable on hand to resolve any issues to ensure that you don’t miss out on those important sales.

Cultivate a Local Fanbase

Many consumers actually prefer purchasing gifts in a brick-and-mortar store as opposed to completing their holiday shopping completely online. After all, for many, shopping for gifts is an irreplaceable component of the overall holiday experience. However, many are not thrilled with the traffic leading up to the mall, finding a parking place, pushing through the crowds, and waiting in long lines.

What is the solution? Encourage these shoppers to visit small businesses in the neighborhood (you may even find the need to read more about supplies you might need to add in additional parking places). You can get together with other local companies and promote the idea of supporting your local community. Maybe you can get together with nearby schools and churches and have their choirs sing carols. Perhaps local restaurants can donate hot coffee and cocoa. Have a neighborhood party!

Engage Constantly with Social Media Followers

Social media is a very valuable tool, but it only works if you use it. If you gain a plethora of followers, but do not post ads, sales, or make the public aware of new products and services, you are not doing much to promote your brand. Also, the gist of social networking for businesses is to engage with followers, so they feel comfortable with you and your company. Millennials and Generations Y and Z have been raised to expect that type of exchange, and they will not be drawn to a brand that they cannot interact with.

In conclusion, small businesses will need to stay on their toes during the winter holiday season. If you have not yet joined the digital revolution, you must get on board fast before you get left behind. All businesses need the younger generations to keep them going, so the sooner you can get with the times, the better you will do.

Just remember, as malls and big-box stores are closing left and right, know that small businesses will never go out of style.


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