What Are The Midterm Elections, And Why Are They Important?

What Are The Midterm Elections

More and more frequently, political campaigns are arising on the television during commercial breaks. But wasn’t the presidential election two years ago and the president only runs once every four years? This is because 2018 is a midterm election year. These are the election years between presidential elections that are perhaps less widely covered but just as equally important.

  • Who Can Run In Midterm Elections?
  • What Do Midterm Elections Decide?
  • Why Are Midterm Elections Just As Important As The Presidential Election?
  • Who Can Run In Midterm Elections?

Midterm elections are usually most important for Congress which is made up of The House Of Representatives and The Senate. Members of the House are required to run for re-election once every two years and are only elected in even-numbered years. The Senate operates slightly different. A Senator runs for election once every six years, but Senators do not all run on the same year. Roughly one-third of the one hundred Senate seats run every two years meaning that after six years, all of the Senate seats have had to defend their post.

What Do Midterm Elections Decide?
Midterm elections most importantly decide who will represent the American people in the Legislative Branch of the federal government. In an ideal world, the members of Congress would be the most accurate depiction of the American people, although this is rarely the case. Because the Legislature brings new laws and regulations to the floor that affect our everyday lives, midterm elections can be highly important. Despite its importance, voter turnout is historically much lower during midterm elections than during presidential elections once every four years.

Why Are Midterm Elections Just As Important As The Presidential Election?
The Legislative Branch holds checks and balances on the Executive Branch. For example, if a president were to veto a bill that has been passed, Congress can overturn that veto by a vote with a wide enough margin of approval. Congress also is in charge of confirming the nominees of the president for various federal posts. The Legislative Branch wields a great deal of power that is all decided by midterm elections. The American people have the power to elect the officials that will best represent their needs if they simply get out and vote.

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