Leadership in technology is a key factor in any modern conflict or war!

Is America “tired” of Ukraine or not? Ukrainian journalists often ask me about it. My point of view is of course not.
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Yuri Vanetik - Leadership in technology is a key factor

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The lower house of the US Congress – the House of Representatives – approved the American defense budget for the 2023 fiscal year. The amount is unprecedented – 858 billion dollars. This is almost $80 billion more than the US defense budget for the current year and $45 billion more than the Biden administration requested for next year.

The budget also provides 800 million dollars for military aid to Ukraine. We are talking about new weapons and equipment. This amount is $500 million more than the White House requested from Congress. Further – approval by the Senate (the upper house of the American Congress) and the final signature of the US President on the document.

Is America “tired” of Ukraine or not? Ukrainian journalists often ask me about it. My point of view is of course not.

Speaking about the politics of the USA itself in this matter, I would say that America is preparing for the expansion of the Cold War and the expansion of its military sector.

America understands that a war with Russia may become the last war for all. The nuclear factor from Russia is also discussed here. They talk about it all the time. They speak not only in our press, but also in the halls of Congress. There is a fear that such a scenario is hypothetically possible. America understands the complexity of the situation for peace.

I’m sure that even Russia understands that such a war can be the last for everyone, and for herself, in particular.

Therefore, in the USA there is an economic promotion of the military sector, which is huge in our country. He fell under the Republicans to some extent, but now the Democrats also began to work more on the issues of protecting the country through development. I think that this is the main explanation for such a military budget.

When the situation in Ukraine enters a certain cold stage, the cold war will continue to expand. Not only because of inertia, but also because it will be actively stimulated by the resource. We have a very strong technological movement. It is not for nothing that in the budget, in addition to the purely military component, we have invested a lot of money for breakthrough technologies (hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence, 5G and quantum computing).

This is a very important sector for us. We look at what Ukrainians, Israelis, representatives of other countries are doing in this direction. We try not only to be their competitors, but we want to be, if not the first, then one of the main leaders in these directions. This is the natural desire of the United States.

When a war or a conflict is caused by drones, an attack on the Internet, cybernetic attacks, and so on, it is technologies that occupy a key place here. And leadership in technology is a key factor in any modern conflict or war!

I think that, despite the talent of the Russians (because there are also smart programmers and scientists there), the whole world saw that the tactics that Russia is conducting are from the 80s of the last century. There are some exceptions, perhaps, but the very tactics of behavior are terribly outdated: without a sense of purpose, without a deep strategy, without new technologies, but simply old, rusty and brutal force. Yes, they attack Ukrainian strategic objects, infrastructure objects. But this is not genius. This is a primitive that does not yield to the rules of war or the rules of logic!

Originally published: site.ua

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