How Do You Find An Organization To Volunteer With?

How Do You Find An Organization To Volunteer With? Yuri Vanetik

You have recently made the decision to find a non-profit organization that does work that you support and believe in. You want to find the perfect organization to benefit, but are unsure how to start your search for the perfect place. Here are some tips on how to find an organization that closely aligns with your interests.


Figure Out What You Want to Support

While this may seem like an easy step when deciding on where to volunteer your time and/or money, but many organizations with a similar mission may slightly differ in the different services they offer. For example, a person who wants to get involved in organizations that help fight cancer may look at the American Cancer Society and the Cancer Research Institute as potential options. Although both the organizations are dedicated to ending cancer, their services and approach are quite different. Understanding how different organizations differ can have a significant impact on your decision.

Determine What Kind Of Work You Can or Would Like To Do

Like for-profit companies, non-profit organizations need to fill specialized positions in order to successfully operate. The difference for a non-profit organization though, is that many times, they will seek specialized help from volunteers. For example, organizations will commonly seek a volunteer that has expertise in social media to manage their online presence. Putting a list of your skills together will help you figure out what volunteer positions you would be most qualified for. This can reduce confusion later in the process when finding the perfect position.

Do A Search Using A Volunteer Website

Once you have narrowed down what you would like to support with your time and/or money, the next step is to conduct a search of different organizations that benefit the same social cause as what you are looking for., for example, is a great way for anyone to explore different open volunteer positions among a plethora of non-profit organizations. Organizations can post specific types of volunteer opportunities on the website in order to find someone that aligns well with the skills of the position.

Similar to, is a great resource for finding the perfect volunteer position for you. In addition to listing different volunteer opportunities, also offers different ways to specify your search, in order to find the ideal position that you can succeed in.

Final Thoughts

While there is not a single way to find the right volunteer opportunities for you, by understanding what your passion is, and what skills you can utilize to help the cause of your choice, it becomes easier to find the right opportunity. Additionally, getting involved in your community not only helps others, but can bring you an immense amount of joy.

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