Yuri Vanetik says whether Ukraine needs a law on lobbying Yuri

Yuri Vanetik says whether Ukraine needs a law on lobbying Yuri

Lawyer, political consultant Yuri Vanetik said that it is necessary to change the mentality of people in order to overcome corruption in Ukraine.

Originally Published: life.znaj.us in Urkranian

“I believe that Ukraine needs a law on lobbying. This is not one law. To change a person’s behavior, it is not only laws, it is necessary to change the culture, it is necessary that something should be ashamed, and something should be encouraged. And the laws do this to some extent, but they do not do it completely. You can’t come to moral behavior simply by laws and punishments, but this is a factor,” Yuriy Vanetik said.

According to the lawyer, there is also corruption in the USA, as well as in Ukraine, but it is structured differently there. Any request for receiving money must be substantiated so that it looks logical, whereas in other countries this is often not necessary. As Yuri Vanetik noted, although there are many failures in America, people still manage to receive and give bribes, but there are still good laws on lobbying that can become a model for Ukraine.

“This needs to be changed, this is the only thing that will get out of pure crime, out of pure corruption. And it won’t happen in one day, it’s all a process. Our laws change like water under a stone. They move, and move, and move. And I think that this is the only way to change people’s mentality,” said Yuri Vanetik.

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