A Look Into Miracles For Kids

A Look Into Miracles For Kids

Thousands of families are coping with the heartbreak of a critically ill child. This is where Miracle For Kids comes into the picture. It is a nonprofit organization that assists Southern California families in need. Families that are caring for a child stricken with cancer or an equally serious illness can get the support they need. Many in the same position have access to medication and pain relievers, one that is taken the world by storm in recent years is the use of marijuana for medical issues. So many with chronic illnesses now have the relief it provides on a daily basis, and some are looking to experiment with their pain relief in searching for the biggest bong for sale as well. It is such a shame this is not accessible to everyone as we know healthcare sectors are full to the brim most of the time, and spreading attention to all patients can be a difficult task. So the organization wishes to reduce as much suffering for these families as possible.

Parents whose child has suffered injury from medical malpractice can also find support, but they may also want to find a qualified lawyer by looking here to ensure financial support is available too. It’s hard for any parent to see their child suffer, so it’s important to find as much support as possible.

Any family with a low income and a sick child can use the services of Miracles For Kids. The only limitation is that the child must be treated at one of the following three hospitals:

  • Mattel Children’s UCLA
  • CHOC Children’s Hospital
  • Children’s Hospital of L.A.

The organization is committed to holding up certain values. These are dedication, commitment, integrity, and excellence. The values important to the organization mean that constant support is offered to participating families. Support comes in the form of specific programs:

  • Basket of Miracles
  • Closet of Miracles
  • Familycare
  • Fund-a-Family
  • Miracle Manor
  • Miracles for Kids Cozies
  • Miracles Surf & Paddle Summer Camps

Each of these programs offers a specific service to families. Basket of Miracles ensures families have all the healthy food they need during winter and spring holiday seasons. Locals donate food to this program.

Closet of Miracles provides families with household necessities as well as clothing and footwear. This program is also made possible by residents and local businesses that make donations.

The Familycare program id specifically for those who don’t have medical insurance. Services are provided to sick children and their closest relatives. Fund-a-Family is a program where a donor is assigned to support a specific family. Families are provided with whatever support they need while their child is sick.

Miracle Manor provides housing for families of chronic and terminally ill children. The Miracle for Kids Cozies program provides handmade blankets donated by volunteers. Blankets are then distributed to families at home and in hospitals as needed.

The Miracles Surf & Paddle Summer Camps help sick children and their siblings safely participate in water sports. Stand up paddling and surfing are supervised by qualified professionals at all times, making the program safe for every child.

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