Great Wines To Try In 2019

Wines To Try In 2019

Each year, people around the world often become excited for the new year, as it brings new food and drinks for the public to enjoy. One of the new tastes that people are treated to each year is new wines. With wineries, both big and small, situated across both the United States and around the world, it is not difficult to find new wines to taste as part of 2019. With this in mind, let’s examine some of the most anticipated wines this year.

A Quick History Of Wine
Wine can be dated back as far back as 4,000 BC and has seen a significant evolution since. In today’s culture, white wine, red wine, and rose have all seen a steady increase in consumption among both Americans and people around the world. The quality of a specific wine will generally meet the most important factors, including the smell, how balanced the tastes are, the depth of the actual taste, and the finish, which refers to the taste that remains after consuming the wine. Professionals and amateurs alike both typically examine these factors when determining their quality.

Bonterra The Roost Single Vineyard Chardonnay
For white wine fans, Forbes recommends trying the 2016 Bonterra The Roost Single Vineyard Chardonnay. White wine is going to see a steady increase in demand as we get closer to the warmer summer months, making it a product that is in high demand. The 2016 Chardonnay is a great choice for those looking for a crisp, light taste. Wine drinkers will get a refreshing mixture of ripe apple and lemon cream, without leaving a heavy feeling, as some heavy red wines do.

Arinzano Agricultura Biologica Merlot 2015
This red wine merlot is a great option for those who are avid red wine drinkers. Made originally in Spain, the Arinzano Agricultura Biologica Merlot provides a bit of a heavier taste than the Chardonnay, but will sure to please during a meal with red meat. The wine’s primary flavors include dark black cherry fright and have a smooth finish to complement the red meat.

Domaine Carneros Ultra Brut 2014
For those who are not big fans of red wine or white wine, sparkling wine is typically another great option. This incredible sparkling wine brings out a fresh, citrusy taste, and requires less sugar to achieve its naturally sweet taste.

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