Great Summer Fundraising Ideas

Great Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer can be a great time for some fun in the sun and a variety of fun activities. It can also be a great time to host a fundraiser. The longer days of summer offer more opportunities for getting together to do some fun things while raising money for a great cause. Here are five great ideas for summer fundraising.

Host a Pool Party
If you happen to have a pool in your backyard with all the necessary pool safety certificates, great, but many communities also have pools that you might be able to reserve for a fundraiser. You can ask for donations for admission or even collect canned goods for a local food bank. You can also combine other types of fundraisers with your pool parties, such as a silent auction or even a bachelor/ bachelorette auction. Pool games or even a limbo contest can all help make your fundraising event a stellar success. Hosting this in your backyard is a great community connection, however, you want it to look the part, so it may be a good time to do some renovations to ‘freshen’ up your yard. Looking into stacked stone & brick pillars/columns, as well as a patio renovation, is an avenue to go down. As long as everyone has a good time and money is raised then it all works out for the best. However, before hosting a fundraiser, all adequate precautions must be taken for the pool party, to ensure the safety of the participants.

Swim, bike, run, or walk-a-thons are always popular options for fundraisers, but you can also do something creative and unique. A rock-a-thon can be held in a school or church parking lot, and you can raise money by staying awake rocking in a rocking chair. Unlike swim, bike, run or walk-a-thons, rock-a-thons offer the added benefit of allowing you to spend several hours of quality time with your friends, family, or community. Fun runs or other charity events may become one big blur over time, but you are unlikely to forget spending 12 or more hours in a rocking chair with other members of your community. It can even help build deeper, stronger relationships.

Block Party
If you don’t have a pool, a block party may be the next best thing for a fundraiser. Best of all, with a block party, you can get the whole neighborhood in on the event. Not only can each family create their fun fundraisers, such as a dunk tank or pie-eating contest, but you can also hold a contest to see which family can raise the most money with their contribution to the fun. Just don’t forget to get the street sweepers in afterwards to clean up and mess that gets left behind.

Car Wash
There is probably no more fun or traditional summer fundraiser than a car wash. The best part about holding a car wash is you get to stay cool while working hard and you’ll rarely have a shortage of eager customers.

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