Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Fundraising events are one of the best ways to bring in money for field trips, school supplies and a variety of school-related necessities. For fundraising, you want to think of fun ideas that will encourage huge participation to create impactful results. Consider these ideas for your next fundraiser.

Kids and their parents can bake a variety of cakes for a cake-walk. To do the cake-walk, place numbers on the ground or floor in a circular pattern, and arrange to have that many people in the game at one time. For example, if you have 15 people who will participate in the cake-walk, keep numbers one through 15 on the ground. When you play music, people walk over the numbers in a circle. When the music stops, they land on a number. Have someone reach into a jar or bowl to pull out a number. The person who’s on that number wins a cake. Sell each ticket for a dollar or more, and have enough cakes for a quarter of the tickets sold.

Cupcake Sales
People love buying cupcakes. People also love buying cupcakes from little kids. If you look online, you can get several ideas for beautifully decorative cupcakes. A beautiful and simple cupcake to make involves using blue frosting, white frosting, and rainbow candy ribbon. Cover the cupcake with blue frosting. Make two puffy clouds with white frosting, and create little rainbows with the ribbon. There are never-ending cupcake decorations to explore.

Raffle Sale
Depending on the number of tickets you plan on selling, decide on some prizes each raffle ticket buyer purchases. The prizes you choose should be of varying monetary amounts. For example, prizes could include a massage session, car detailing, movie theater tickets and gift baskets.

Catalog Orders
Catalog orders are always huge. These are popular options around fall and the holidays because it’s the time of year people start shopping for presents. Kids can shop for gifts for their classmates, parents can get things for their kids, and it’s a good time to get wrapping paper, bows and other holiday wrapping items.

Most of the time, people want to help out when they know kids are fundraising. This works to your benefit, so don’t be afraid to get the word out. Have fun fundraising.

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