What Is The Gen Next Foundation?

What Is The Gen Next Foundation

The Gen Next Foundation is a philanthropic organization that sets out to help future generations meet the challenges that will face them. They do this by exploring educational and economic opportunities, along with issues of global security. Since these issues will face future generations everywhere in the world, Gen Next hopes to give young people a head start in confronting them. They do this by combining the methods and philosophies of commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Providing Better Educational Opportunities
Gen Next begins by exploring the educational opportunities presented to young people throughout the world. Even in the United States, educational choice is limited for the middle class and low-income families. By looking for new ways to broaden educational choices and bring more options to young people in remote areas, Gen Next Foundation hopes to ensure more children have access to a higher level of education. From grade school to college, the organization is continuously looking for ways to optimize educational opportunities for all.

Expanding Economical Opportunities
The organization also supports a system of free enterprise, because they believe this is the best atmosphere for encouraging success. Commercial growth helps create jobs while also inspiring creativity and competition. As each strives to succeed, they look for new and innovative ways to compete in a free market. Gen Next Foundation seeks out programs that support these philosophies for economic growth. They intend to help improve the opportunities available to younger generations, so more individuals will have the resources they need to succeed. Greater opportunities for success will support better economic growth for the global community.

Supporting Global Security
When people feel safer, they will also feel freer to explore their dreams for financial success. This is why Gen Next supports the security measures that the U.S. undertakes to protect its citizens in business and online. The organization encourages younger generations to look for new ways to create a safer world. By reducing the risks of crime, terrorism, and cybercrime, Gen Next Foundation believes more people will be able to grow and thrive.

Combining educational and economic opportunity with efforts to make the world a safer place, Gen Next Foundation hopes to open up more possibilities for future generations. They believe philanthropic efforts are put to better use when they result in encouraging entire generations to do better.

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