How To Give Back This Winter

How To Give Back This Season

Christmas and the holiday season, in general, is a time of giving to the disadvantaged in the society. This winter, giving to the homeless, disadvantaged, and the vulnerable people can help keep them happy, warm, and safe. There are various avenues of channeling such forms of giving. Here are some of them.

Linkey will be celebrating its first anniversary on December 26th. It is a charity organization that targets helping homeless persons in practical ways such as donating clothes, warm attire, and food. The organization also channels goodwill Christmas messages and Secret Santa Gifts to the homeless people, making them feel recognized.

Side by Side
Side by side coordinates volunteers and aid to persons who have dementia. The organization greatly values the provision of one-on-one support to such persons through conversations that help alleviate their loneliness.

Dechox channels humanitarian efforts during the New Year to British Heart Foundation. Financial contributions are normally channeled towards conducting of life-saving research on various cardiac conditions such as circulatory system diseases.

Friendship Works
The Friendship Works charity is coordinated by family action and helps offer volunteer mentorship to young persons and children who have been exposed to trauma and other conditions that affect their psychology. The counseling services offered to the young trauma victims helps them to steer clear of lifestyles such as criminal activity and addiction while also helping boost their morals and self-esteem.

Jackson’s Lane
Jackson’s Lane is a North London-based charity institution that has been running in every Christmas since 1975. It targets providing local elderly and disabled persons with humanitarian aid including entertainment, food, and presents.

Shelter from the Storm
This charity foundation targets providing care to homeless persons in London and has been operating since 2007. In addition to providing shelter to the homeless, the charity also channels aid to the homeless in the form of service by cooking, cleaning, and providing general help to persons in dire need of such help.

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