How Can Small Businesses Have A Big Impact On Philanthropy?

How Can Small Businesses Have A Big Impact On Philanthropy

Philanthropy is not a concept just for the wealthy or for big businesses. Philanthropy can be a part of small businesses as well. The sheer number of small businesses that embrace a social, philanthropic culture can have a huge impact. Here are three ways small businesses can have a big impact on philanthropy.

Community organizations and social causes depend on volunteering to work. By encouraging employees to volunteer their time has an immediate and lasting philanthropic impact. From homeless shelters to the Humane Society, there are a wide variety of causes and groups for employees to volunteer with. To find volunteer opportunities that match employees’ interest, use Volunteer Match. Small businesses can also pick a charity or other philanthropic cause to support each year and make a difference by devoting time to it throughout the year. In addition to the business exposure and employee satisfaction, these efforts make a big impact in philanthropy.

Community Events and Charity Organizations
Every community has public events that small businesses can sponsor and help with. Look at city and county event calendars for opportunities to be a part of the local community and support good charitable causes. If your store uses something like a fully-mobile Pocket POS, maybe you could integrate a Donate option into the software, and offer customers a reward or discount for donating. This could encourage your customers also to participate in giving for a good cause! Of course, to even get to this point you would need a target audience and a client base. Something that is quickly achieved with online marketing these days. So with a helping hand from companies that specialize in website design melbourne, or your local area too, you will be well on your way to an income and recurring customers as well. Without small business involvement, these types of events and organizations struggle to meet their goals. It also sets businesses apart from those that do not participate by showing the community how philanthropy is important to a business’s core values. However, you must ensure that your company is up to date on all corporate tax return and other taxes while doing so. This could keep you out of trouble while you’re conducting your charitable work.

Dedicate Time
Set apart specific days throughout the year for employees to participate in philanthropic efforts. Getting a business involved in causes such as The Hunger Project,Habitat for Humanity or other causes can build teamwork within a business while making a real difference. By making a purposeful decision to dedicate time throughout the year for philanthropy, the combined effort of small businesses in philanthropy is significant.

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. The collective power of small businesses results in significant and noticeable impact in philanthropy. Create a culture of volunteerism in business and pair up with community events and charitable organizations to make a difference. Demonstrate to employees and others that philanthropy is important by setting apart specific days throughout the year toward philanthropic efforts that match business goals and objectives while supporting social causes. All these together can make a real difference.

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