Mixing Politics With Business

Mixing Business With Politics Yuri Vanetik

Politics has become a way of life in our society today as we go into elections every four years. Much has been said regarding the need to observe caution as business persons whenever engaging in issues of political importance. The precise line of division between politics and business is not so clearly pronounced. However, here are some tips on how to perfectly balance politics and businesses.

Observation of Sobriety
Politics requires an individual who is sober-minded and straight-thinking. As much as the issues being debated on political forums may be so divisive and radical, it is important to always sit back, relax, and think critically before making your submissions on your opinion. This ensures that your ideas do not necessarily grieve other people as a result of developing knee-jerk reactions. For instance, a Caylan Ford resigned after her old comments promoting white supremacists surfaced online. Such incidents can happen in politics and even in the business sphere. This is why anyone appearing in the public space needs to be diplomatic and thoughtful of their opinions.

Prioritize Your Relationships
In politics, there exist no permanent enemies as individuals may change their opinions, political preferences, and ideas in an instant. You should. Therefore, target prioritizing your relationships with your customers and other business persons and not allow politics to ruin otherwise good relationships. Prioritizing politics will have you lose many friends, customers, and business persons, something that may spell doom on your business.

Be Understanding
You need to develop an attitude of being able to stomach other people’s ideas and differences as far as politics is concerned. In case you do not have this quality, you may start by exposing yourself to as diverse political opinions and ideas as possible. Whenever a person upholds a political idea that is different from yours, you should stop and listen to them and not be quick to react. Any heated political arguments should be countered with soberly argued ideas that may help to de-escalate tensions.

Be Good in the Management of Political Losses
Politics is a win-lose game. You may, at some point in time, experience losses after passionately supporting your candidate. You should endeavor to have good capabilities of managing such political losses as well as having vital skills in grief management. This ensures that any political losses suffered do not necessarily impact your ability to manage your business properly after the political temperatures calm down.

About The Author
Yuri Vanetik is an Entrepreneur, Private Investor, Coalition Builder, and Philanthropist in Orange County, California. He is the Managing Partner of Vanetik International, LLC, a management consulting firm which offers advisory services and strategic planning to businesses and industries. He is also the Managing Partner of Dominion Asset Management, a technology-driven opportunity real estate fund that invests in undervalued real estate throughout the United States. Yuri Vanetik brings over 20 years of professional experience in a variety of roles, and has been featured in notable publications, including theWall Street Journal,California Business Journal, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

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