We are all together in this pandemic and we will be fighting together. Many policymakers are using this mantra all around the world, they always make bad decisions but in this global pandemic California government has made some great decisions that are appreciable by the citizens. Funds are available for small businesses and startups that are affected by covid19. Governments have issued the guidelines to industries for reopening the industries by CDPH (California department of public health).

This emergency is to think about the moment of an estimate. We need to think about the way globalization bends overstock. During this epidemic management of money was making us all weak. If thinking about the economy of the rich country is making us worried let’s just think about how the poor countries are surviving in this pandemic. Hospital expenses, refugee camps, social camp expenses, and much more, the economy of the world is going down and we all need to stand together.

The best decision was made by the education providers to educate the children at a low cost so that the education doesn’t stop the children who cannot afford the fees during the crisis. While the government has given emergency finance to help kids care suppliers.

As California faces a shortfall in the budget because of the covid19 emergency, the government of California changed the financial plan for the year 2020-2021 monetary year that helps California to stand still in this predicament.

Also, this disease made us realize that if one person gets affects with this disease the whole country survives and everyone is praying for each other to be safe and home so that no one catches the virus and gets infected. But let’s not ignore the fact that the whole world is surviving and fighting from this crisis.

The worst part about this covid19 is that the deaths and cases are increasing with double speed. If one individual has infected defiles, two different people, the number of cases is repeating over and over so it’s better to keep distance and follow the instructions provided by the government.


Stand together and face the problems together California government will never let anyone down. It’s our responsibility to fight and control the pandemic. We need to authorize the negativity and cultivate positivity.

Author: Yuri Vanetik