Four winter Fundraising Ideas

Easy Winter Fundraising Ideas

Almost a third of charitable giving takes place in the last month of the year; a tenth actually takes place during the year’s final three days. For an organization to make the most out of this window of charity, look to this list of favorite winter ideas for fundraising. One of these options is sure to fit any charity, so peruse, select, and get active.

Ice-skating or Sledding Event

Family-oriented events such as nights for ice-skating or sled races can be the launching point of ideas for winter fundraising. Such childhood favorites are likely to draw adults who are craving winter nostalgia, but families flock to these events as well. Charge for the event’s entry as well as collecting donations for skate or sled rentals. Other options to trade for donations are baked goods and hot chocolate.

Gingerbread House Contest

This winter fundraising event can be operated like an eating contest that is less the eating. Set up a series of long tables with the necessary items for construction, they have teams of two compete to build the most creative gingerbread house within a set time. Simplify the event with such staples as the graham crackers, frosting, and candy canes; alternatively, ramp up the competition, allowing blueprints to be sketched ahead of time by competitors who bring their own tools. Have local artists judge, awarding prizes for such categories as the most detailed and most creative usage of ingredients.

Winter Craft Workshop

Another crafty winter fundraising idea is to host a class, charging an entry fee for donations as well as to cover supply costs. The options are limited only by creativity and the skillsets of the volunteer teachers. These classes can be for sewing Christmas tree skirts, baking cookies, or arranging wreaths. Individuals seeking to learn and families looking for fun afternoons will gladly attend such events.

Christmas Tree Disposal

A practical service that will make people glad to donate for the appreciated effort is the removal of Christmas trees at the season’s end. Collect donations and cart trees away in a rented truck. First, of course, confirm where the trees can be taken so that drives are not stuck in a holding pattern while frantic phone calls are made.


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