Organizations To Consider Helping In The New Year

Organizations To Help 2020

Many charitable organizations make year-end appeals to increase donation activity around the holiday season. As the new year arrives, the volume of donations typically decreases. However, there are many charitable organizations that perform multitudes of good work throughout the year. If your New Year’s resolution was to be more actively involved in giving, here are some organizations in the Coachella Valley area that are worthy of your time and donations.

Organizations Should influence to love all animals

Fundraising for animal causes can be a challenge, especially during slow economic seasons. Monetary donations are always welcome, as are pet food, chew toys, leashes, laundry detergent, and other necessities. Animal charity organizations might also accept medical help from vets or medicines that can help ease ailments like pancreatitis in dogs and cats, along with other general medical support. Volunteers are needed for kennel support, sanitation, and behavioral assessments. These loving animals would love to take you for a walk and share your company!

Desert Blind & Handicapped organizations

This unique organization supports citizens with disabilities by providing transportation services. This role requires lifting up to 25 pounds, and some experience with medical equipment and wheelchairs are helpful. Drivers are needed to help transport blind and handicapped residents with their daily routines, such as grocery shopping, medical visits, and more. Volunteers must possess a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record for at least three years.

Friends of the College of the Desert Library

Reading is an important part of adolescent development and a favorite hobby for many adults. Volunteers are needed to support the Friends of the College of the Desert Library at community events and book sales. The organization also accepts monetary gifts and new or gently used books. Donations are accepted in person and online.

Mizell Senior Center

Senior services are available through many agencies in the Palm Springs area. The Mizell Senior Center extends services to local retirees, snowbirds, and just about anyone in between. Volunteers are needed to manage the farmers market, gift and retail shops, and for personal services such as meal preparation for seniors.

American Red Cross

This national organization has been an ever-present help in the face of a natural disaster. The Red Cross provides victim support services such as housing assistance, blankets, personal hygiene needs, and referral services. They accept donations in many forms and have made online giving very easy. Volunteers are needed to help communities prepare for earthquakes, fires, and other emergencies.

Author: Yuri Vanetik

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